Founded in London in 2002, mou is the internationally recognised label for premium,
handcrafted shoes and accessories in luxurious natural fibres. Unique and sensually
soft, mou styles are loved by fans for their pared-down, back-to-nature feel.

Inspired by the wilds of nature and a spirit of adventure, we use the highest quality
natural fibres such as sheepskin, calfskin, goatskin, antelope and lambskin, all
carefully selected for their natural beauty, softness and durability. Ethical and
environmentally-friendly production and sourcing is our priority. Combining design
innovation with traditional hand-craft manufacturing techniques, we maximise the
natural beauty of leathers in the collection, creating unique and timeless styles for
women, men and children.

Our commitment

Being environmentally, ethically and socially responsible is woven into the fabric of our brand. We believe in the value of conscious fashion.

Being conscious means thinking carefully about the impact of our products on our planet, its resources and its people.

As a member of the Walpole Foundation and a luxury British brand, it is our responsibility to contribute to the preservation of our earth’s natural beauty. We strive for sustainable practices and the use of natural, bio-degradable materials to minimise our impact on the environment as well as conserving energy where possible and making products that stand the test of time.

Mou is the opposite of fast fashion. Our collection includes a minimum of 95% natural fibre materials and where possible, we choose materials that are bio-degradable, recycled and/ or recyclable and don’ generate hazardous waste or deplete natural resources and are not by-products of other industries. A true labour of love, each mou piece is designed to last with long-lasting soles and finishings that age beautifully.

Maintaining a sustainable, ethical and profitable business is a careful balancing act. Our efforts are a work- in-progress, so we’re always assessing where we’re at and challenging ourselves to do better.