Based in Vienna, WHYAT was founded by two brothers, Philipp and Bernhard Ledl. A duo not new to the fashion industry as they have been managing their own multi-label store since 2018.

Both brothers have a sportive background and a passion for football, granting them access to some of the biggest stars in the professional field. Passioned about music as well, they also gained access to renamed American rap personalities. Several have already publicly worn some of the brand’s first garments.

WHYAT creates clothing made to last, with luxurious finishes while maintaining a reasonable price point. The brand is in constant contact with the market and already has a strong presence in the sport and music industries, making WHYAT a new success in the athleisure-luxury industry.

Setting the brand’s fundamentals, WHYAT marks athletic-sportswear in high-end productions. All garments are handmade in Italy, in the best facilities in the country.

Images of the WHYAT store located in one of the busiest parts of Vienna, Austria. Alongside famous cafes and other high end designer stores.

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